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How to make a suggestion about Nexo’s products, token utility, and governance?

Since its launch in 2018, Nexo has always aimed to be a powerhouse solving real problems for the blockchain industry and its growing number of users across the globe. Nexo’s product development has been and will continue to be set by the blockchain community’s needs.

Nexo’s project team is thus always actively sourcing feedback and proposals as to how the Nexo ecosystem can be further improved and in what direction Nexo’s products should evolve.

Any Nexo community member who has a particular idea, proposal, or suggestion about the utilities of the NEXO Token, the development of our current products, or the creation of new products is welcome to become an active contributor to the ever-growing Nexo ecosystem. Should you have a particular suggestion, please share it by filling in this form. All suggestions will be forwarded and reviewed by Nexo’s most relevant team members. Some of those suggestions may very well also be put forward as a governance vote for NEXO Token holders to vote upon.

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