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Welcome Bonus Promotion - Explained

Get a $100 welcome bonus, paid out in Bitcoin, when you sign up with Nexo through our dedicated promo link, top up $1,500 or more and hold it for 30 days. Earn an extra $50 in BTC if you swap at least $1,500 on the Nexo Exchange. Check out the details below.


How does it work?

  1. Create your Nexo account between 00:00 UTC on May 5, 2022 and 14:00 UTC on July 1, 2022. You will need to do it using our dedicated promo link, available through the landing page of the Welcome Bonus Promo advertising bonuses based on top-up amount and exchange amount.
  2. Complete Identity Verification.
  3. Buy or top up from an external wallet at least $1,500 worth of supported assets within the promotion timeframe.
  4. Once you buy/top up the required amount within 90 days of the registration date, you will receive a $100 Welcome Bonus as a pending transaction.
  5. Hold the value for at least 30 days after you have received the bonus as a pending transaction. Your portfolio has to remain above $1,500 at the end of the 30-day hold period for the bonus to be awarded.
  6. To get an extra $50 in BTC, swap $1,500 or more in volume on the Nexo Exchange during the 30-day hold period.


When will I get my $100 welcome bonus?

Throughout the 30-day hold period, you will be able to see the bonus transaction in the Transactions section of your Nexo account, however, its status will be pending. The bonus will be credited to your balance within 24 hours after the 30-day period is over, provided that the requirements above have been met.


When will I get the additional bonus of $50 in BTC?

If you meet the criteria stated above, you can expect the reward to land in your Nexo account between August 1 and August 10, 2022.


Why didn’t I get my Bitcoin reward?

You can always sign in to your account and check your reward status. Here are some possible reasons why you didn’t get your top-up bonus:

  • Perhaps you haven't topped up yet – so this is a gentle reminder to do so.
  • The 30-day holding period might not be over yet. Also, keep in mind that it could take up to 24 hours for the reward to show up inside your Nexo account after the 30-day period is over.
  • Your top-up came from another Nexo account. The funds should be sent from an external wallet as internal transactions aren’t eligible for the Welcome Bonus.
  • You didn’t hold the equivalent of $1,500 or more in supported assets for 30 days or your portfolio didn’t remain above $1,500 at the end of the 30-day holding period.
  • It’s also important to note that only first-time users who open their personal Nexo account through the promo link within the duration of the promotion will be eligible for the Welcome Bonus.
  • You must satisfy the above-mentioned conditions within 90 days from the registration date. Failing to do so would mean that the bonus transaction will not be triggered in your account. 


Can I earn on or borrow against my assets?

Once you top up your Nexo account with the equivalent of $1,500 or more in any eligible digital currency*, you will automatically begin to earn interest on these funds. You can also borrow against them using our Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ or swap them for other assets on the Nexo Exchange. This won’t affect your reward and is even encouraged as you can get an extra $50 in BTC if you trade at least $1,500 on the Nexo Exchange during the 30-day hold period for the Welcome Bonus. And it gets better - once you receive your reward, you will automatically start earning interest on it, too.



  • Nexo Earn Product is not available for citizens or residents of certain jurisdictions, including where restrictions may apply, such as Bulgaria, Estonia and the USA.
  • Nexo Exchange is temporarily unavailable for clients residing in Australia.


*Our Earn Product is unavailable for 1INCH, AAVE, CRV, MANA, GALA, MKR, UST, SUSHI, SAND, and UNI.

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