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How to boost your portfolio?

Boosting your portfolio is a simple and user-friendly process. You don’t need to be a professional trader to be able to use the service. The steps below illustrate where to find the Nexo Booster in our app and how to find your way around the feature. 



1. Go to the Exchange Tab and select “Booster

2. Add your “Pay with” and "Receive" currency


3. Drag the Leverage marker to how much (1.25-3x) you want to boost your assets



4. Beneath the “Receive” currency on the Nexo Booster screen, you’ll see the Profit Projection bar. Drag the bar back and forth to protect the profits of the booster transaction you’ve set depending on how the price of your chosen asset fluctuates in the future. This is essentially a calculator for potential future profits or losses.



5. Check the "After Purchase" section where you will find a breakdown of your booster transaction. It displays the LTV your Credit Line will be at once you finalize your leverage, the amount you will borrow, and your available credit before and after the transaction is complete. It is a useful tool to review before hitting the “Exchange” button on your leverage transaction.


6. Preview your order


7. Tap “Exchange” and you’re done


For a detailed information on how the Nexo Booster works, please refer to this article.

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