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How to add Nexo card to Apple Pay?

In order to add your brand new Nexo Card to the Apple Pay wallet, please watch this video and follow the steps seen there:

or follow the steps below:

1. Open your Nexo app and click on the "Add to Apple Wallet" button or open the Apple Wallet app:


2. Click on the "Add a new card" button and then on "Continue":


3. Swipe to the bottom and click on the "Add a Different Card" link:


4. Click on the "Enter Card Details Manually" link as seen on the screenshot:


5. On the first screen please write down your "Name" and "Card Number". On the second one please fill in the "Expiry Date" and the "Security Code" (CCV).  


6. On the next screen, please "Agree" with Apple Wallet Terms and Conditions.

7. Choose how to verify your card and click on "Next":



8. After you received SMS with the code, please open the Apple Wallet app, tap on your Nexo card, then on "Verification code" and enter the code.



9. Congratulations! Your Nexo card has been successfully added to the Apple Wallet and can be set as a Default Card by clicking on "Use as Default Card" button:


10. You can select Nexo Card and start using it to pay for products/services by bringing your phone closer to the post terminal contactless reader:



Add your Nexo Card to Apple Watch:

1. Please click on the "Add Now" button.


2. Please wait until your Nexo Card is added to your Apple Watch. As soon as this process is completed you can start using your watch for contactless payments.




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