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How to log in to Nexo Help Center to review your whole email communication?

You can log in to Nexo Help Center to view all of your tickets by:

A) Clicking on the "Sign in to Nexo Help Center" button:


B) Directly following this link: 

After that you can choose between several options to access the tickets submitted via Nexo’s Help Center:


1. Sign in using your Twitter / Facebook / Google / Microsoft account:


Important: If you are redirected to the Help Center by clicking on a ticket ID (Screenshot 1.) and you try to log in with a Twitter / Facebook / Google / Microsoft account associated with an email address different from the one linked to your ticket ID, the system will deny your access (Screenshot 2.):

Screenshot 1:


Screenshot 2:



2. Get a password:

If you have already contacted customer service via the Help Center but have not created an account yet, the system has remembered your email address and all you have to do to complete your account registration is create a password. To do that click ‘Get a password’:



3. If you have previously signed up but forgotten your password, you need to click on ‘Forgot my password’ in order to have it reset:



4. If you never contacted Nexo Support you have to sign up for a new Help Center account:


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