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How to complete Advanced Verification via Jumio?

In order to complete the Advanced Verification process, please log in to your Nexo account and click on the "My Profile" section:


After that, please click on the "Advanced Verification" tab, scroll down and then click on the "Start Advanced Verification" button:


A popup window will appear prompting you to start the verification process. Click "Start":


After that, you will see the following screen, where you have to select the country where your ID was issued and choose the type of document you want to use for the verification process. You will be requested to take pictures of the front or both the front and the backside of any double-sided documents. Please click here to check which documents from your country are supported by our KYC partner.


Clicking on the selected by you document will open the following screen:


You can use either your computer's webcam or your mobile camera to take a photo of the selected document. For your convenience, we recommend continuing the process on mobile. You just need to either send the verification link to your email or use a QR scanner to open it on your phone.


If you choose to receive the link via email, you would need to check your inbox:


Afterwards, open the link on your mobile device and follow the instructions. Once you have submitted all required photos, you will see the following:


Clicking on "Submit verification" will conclude this process:

Screenshot_2020-02-17_at_14.29.42.pngImportant: Make sure that the orientation of the document matches the orientation of the camera. For instance, if the you are taking a photo of a horizontally positioned document, make sure the photo is in the landscape format (horizontal positioning). By contrast, taking a photo of a horizontally positioned document in the portrait format (vertical positioning) would in most cases lead to rejection. 

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