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Earn up to 10% interest on Crypto Assets - Explained


Follow these simple steps and start earning up to 10% compounding interest on your idle crypto:

1. Log in to your secure Nexo account.

2. Transfer assets into your Nexo Wallet.

Earn on Crypto is available for BTC, ETHLTC, XRP, EOS, XLM, BCH, USDT, USDC, TUSD, DAI, PAX, HUSD, LINK, TRX, PAX Gold with more assets including BNB coming soon!

Important: Assets held in your Credit Line wallet (used as collateral) will not earn interest.

 3. Earn! You will start earning compounding interest after a minimum of 24 hours of your transfer. All interest is paid out daily in kind.

Your interest is automatically paid into your Savings Wallet so that next day you begin earning interest on it too.

4. Enjoy your high-yield passive income.


What are the interest rates (APY)?

Your interest rate is determined by the ratio of NEXO Tokens against the balance of the other assets in your Savings Wallet.


How is your interest calculated?

Your interest is credited into your Savings wallet daily and is then calculated in your upcoming interest transactions.

Daily Interest = Principal amount (in original cryptocurrency) x (APY/365)


If you’ve staked enough NEXO Tokens (10% or more of the value of your 1000 XRP) and deposited 1000 XRP, your calculation for daily interest for the first day will be:

1000 XRP x 0.0133680617% = 0.13368 XRP

Without NEXO Tokens staking, the calculation will be:

1000 XRP x 0.0107459782% = 0,107459 XRP

Important: Your interest rate (APY) may change if you choose to stake or unstake NEXO Tokens on any given day while earning interest on your other assets.


How can I calculate the Nexo token staking required for higher interest rates?

You will need to stake NEXO Tokens worth 10% of the total value of assets in your Savings Wallet to be eligible for higher interest rates.

The exact amount of NEXO Tokens required for the bonus interest rates in any given moment will depend on the token price and will be displayed in the Total Interest Earned section:



If the total balance in your Savings Wallet equals 10 000 USD (excl. the NEXO Token balance), you will have to stake 1000 USD worth of NEXO Tokens. As the price of the crypto assets fluctuates, it is advisable to add more NEXO Tokens to ensure that you will not miss out on our bonus interest rates.

You can also check your Total Balance in Savings Wallet (incl. your NEXO Token balance) anytime in the Account section of your Nexo profile:


What currency will the interest be paid out in?

The interest will be paid out in the same currency as your deposit currency (e.g. if you top up LTC, you will earn interest in LTC).


Where can I see the interest I have earned from my active deposit(s)?

You can see the daily interest from active deposits accumulated in the Account section under ‘Total Interest Earned’.


After clicking on the Total Interest Earned button, you can access detailed information about all the crypto assets and the interest you have earned so far:


We will also send a weekly email to all the clients with active deposits that are earning interest. The email will contain information about the accumulated interest for the past 7 days, per asset.

The email will include only those assets for which at least one interest transaction was credited during the past week. Тhe total amount earned will be presented in the email in US dollars for the purposes of comparison. Keep in mind that you will still receive your interest payments in kind, not in USD.


How is Nexo able to pay interest on my assets?

We are committed to protecting your assets by lending them to institutions on an overcollateralized basis only, the way our crypto-backed loans work. Our rates are kept stable over time, because of Nexo’s risk policy to never lend without collateral, which results in lower yields but basically no risk.


The main benefits of Nexo’s “Earn Interest”:

  • High-yield savings with a compounding interest rate of up to 10%
  • A unique daily payout
  • Full flexibility: use or withdraw funds at any time
  • Available for BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS, XLM, BCH, USDT, USDC, TUSD, DAI, PAX, HUSD, TRX and PAX Gold
  • BNB coming soon!
  • #ZeroFees — No fees, no minimum contribution requirements
  • $100 million insurance on custodial assets through Lloyd’s of London
  • Cold storage in bank-grade Class III vaults through the SOC 2 Type 2 certified crypto custodian BitGo
  • All funds are asset-backed by Nexo’s portfolio of 200–500% overcollateralized crypto credit lines


More details concerning “Earn Interest” for specific assets:


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