Where do I see the address where I need to deposit the collateral for my Nexo loan?



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  • Layton

    Hi Nexo team,

    Can you please tell us what upper limit is for the number of confirmations required before a Nexo token deposit appears in our account? I can confirm that I've deposited to the proper address, and I can see that previous deposits to that address eventually appeared in my Nexo account. (it looks like they come into my personal address before being withdrawn to a pooled Nexo custodial address)

    If I understand correctly from above, it should be about 50 network confirmations before I can view the progress on the transaction page. I'm currently sitting at 194 confirmations on Etherscan and do not see any activity in my Nexo account yet.

    Does your team manually move the funds over to cold storage when a Nexo token deposit is made directly to the Nexo address (so maybe it's after business hours)?

    Thank you for the help!

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