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Who manages Nexo and how Nexo is connected to Credissimo?

While Nexo is a separate legal entity, the majority shareholders (which are the founders) of Credissimo are majority shareholders and founders of Nexo. Prior to the Private Placement of NEXO Tokens, they funded Nexo.

Nexo is powered by Credissimo - a Leading FinTech Group serving millions of people across Europe for over 10 years.

  • Credissimo is a 10-year-old licensed enterprise that is regulated by several European Financial Services and Central Bank regulators and adheres to strict supervision everywhere it operates.
  • Credissimo has received several awards over the years from companies such as Forbes and Ernst & Young while also reaching Top 10 in Alternative Finance at the European FinTech Awards 2017.
  • Credissimo has subsidiaries in several EU countries and has just opened one in Latin America.
    Credissimo is a market leader in two of these markets.
  • Credissimo’s founders are bringing their 10-year know-how of online lending automation to the blockchain economy by launching
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