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How to buy NEXO Tokens using Changelly's integration?

Please follow these steps to acquire Nexo tokens:

1. Please log in to your Nexo account and then click on the “Buy NEXO Tokens” button within the Loyalty Levels page:


2. Click on the “Buy/Sell instantly” button and pay attention to the information in the "Important" section:


3. Provide the amount and the type of cryptocurrency you want to exchange for Nexo tokens:


4. Click on the “Exchange” button. On the next screen, you will be prompted to log in. Select your preferred method and follow the login steps:


Please note that if you do not have an account at Changelly, then they will create an account on your behalf on their platform using the email address you provided and will send you a confirmation email to that email address.

4. a) Log in through the email option with the email account you provided in the above step and complete the email verification. At the same time, you will be requested to create a password for your Changelly account.

4. b) If you already have an account on the Changelly platform, please provide your password

4. c) If you have forgotten it, please go to and reset it.

5. Please enter your Changelly password in the “Password” field and click on "Log In".

Please do not use your Nexo account password as it will not work. You have to enter your Changelly password.


6. On the next screen, you will notice that your Nexo wallet address is pre-populated:


7. You will be redirected to the following screen:


8. Click on the “Copy” button and then paste it in the “ Withdraw to” address field when creating the transaction using your private or Nexo wallet.

If you are using your Nexo wallet and you have the required amount of crypto in it, please go and click on the “Withdraw” button next to the crypto you decided to change to Nexo. Paste in the “Withdraw address” the address you copied from the screenshot above, choose the same amount and confirm the transaction.

You will receive an email confirming the transaction from Changelly to the email address you provided a couple of steps above. After the exchange process is completed, the Nexo will be automatically added to your Nexo wallet.


DISCLAIMER! The Changelly integration within our platform is available for our Australian clients only. 

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