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Summary of missing crypto deposit

Missing or incorrect TAG/MEMO:

Please refer to this article.

Deposit of not supported by Nexo crypto assets:
In general, Nexo does not offer a token/coin recovery service of unsupported by Nexo crypto assets (i.e. coins created on ERC-20 chain but not supported by NEXO). Nexo will judge if it is possible to retrieve such assets.

IMPORTANT! Please note that Nexo does not support wrapped coins that are pegged to (i.e., represent) coins from another blockchain. Тransferring such assets to your Nexo account will result in permanent loss. Make sure to always transfer BTC/BCH native as well as ETH, NEXO, USDT, USDC, TUSD, DAI, USDP, LINK, and PAXG created on the Ethereum blockchain.


Deposit to an address which doesn't belong to Nexo:
Crypto assets sent to an address that is not associated with your Nexo account or doesn't belong to Nexo cannot be recovered. Nexo does not know who controls those addresses and have no means of retrieving such assets. If you are aware to whom the address you sent your assets belongs to, then in order to get your crypto back, please contact that address owner.

Please note that to recover your crypto coins, we may need to install or upgrade the wallet software, export/import private keys, etc. These operations can only be conducted by authorised staff under strict supervision. Please be patient as it may take over one month to retrieve your crypto.

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